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Today’s Plushie of the Day features a Yoshi Plushie from the set of Mario character plushies available! Yoshi is my favourite Mario character and I do have a Yoshi plushie sitting on my bed. If you don’t like green, the good thing about Yoshi is that also comes in a variety of colours! More »

Today’s daily Etsy features the shop “Raceytay.” This Etsy shop sells fine art photography prints. Be sure to check out my favorite items from the store below! More »

Today’s user link was given to us by QTKats who has shared the Etsy shop, “Magic Bean Buyer.” This Etsy shop sells handmade clay figurines, necklaces and illustrations. I think all the figurines and necklaces are absolutely adorable! You can check out the shop and make purchases here! More »

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find a soul mate that was potentially you first love from high school? Although this may be a rare case, it is evident that love at a young age does exist. Love can come in all forms, shapes and sizes but the reality is we often underestimate the power of love. As society grows, the perception of love is changing for reasons whom underlies beneath our skin but only those who possess the true notion of love can really defy society’s definition. More »

Today’s edition of So Fluffy I Could Die is brought to you by Shineelovee and features a very adorable Little Sad Puppy! Just look at its eyes! It has a sad look to it - I wonder why. It’s ok, little one, you’re too cute! You shouldn’t be sad! As the old saying goes, “A girl looks better with a smile.” But I’m not sure if it applies to puppies. Don’t be sad! Otherwise, you’d make me sad too! More »

Today’s edition of Origins of Cute features one of Korea’s very own Hutos! Do the Hutos look very familiar to you? They should After all, they have been modeled after the hit make-believe characters, the Teletubbies. This is Korea’s own versipn of the Teletubbies. Hutos has its own show known as “Hutos, The Flying House”. It’s an adorable Korean animation that is education and entertaining for children 9 to 3 years old. Watch the clip of it below! More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature is courtesy of xsandy2005 and is about a super tiny hamster that is literally the size of a thumb, or maybe even smaller! I have never in my life seen such a tiny hamster, this little buddy must be hard to find when lost! More »

Today’s feature of Cute Phone Charms is thanks to jeanette and presents the Bean-Jam Bun Kawaii Pals Bell Netsuke Cell Phone Strap! These Kawaii Pals come in 7 different shapes and forms: Juju chan, Manpuku kun, Sakura, Kuro-Tamago chan, Midori, Mikan chan, and Aka Ringo chan. Choose your favorite ones and attach them to your cell phone! Then you’ll get to hear the crystal clear sound of bells ringing. They make for great presents as well! More »

Today’s Plushie of the Day, courtesy of randomkpoplover, features a pair of kissing sheep plushies! I love the expression of the sheep on the right side when it realizes that it’s kissing another sheep! More »

Today’s DIY teaches you how to make a bento box with Hello Kitty and a cute bear rice faces little sausage octopuses on the side. More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature is courtesy of iHeartSJ and consists of two adorable kittens hugging looking like a scene from a movie. This capture looks too cute for words, the way one of the kittens eyes are closed and the way the other kitten is hunched over creates an adorably dramatic atmosphere. More »

Today’s edition of Origins of Cute features one of the little creatures from Leafeania, Tyipi! Tyipi is a creature that is found in Pretear’s Leafeania. Most Tyipi are pink, there are many other color variations, like red, blue and yellow. The rainbow color, gold, and white Tyipi are rare. They love black tea, and it has the same effect on them as catnip does on cats. Just so adorable, right? Kinda reminds me of a hash between Jigglypuff and Kirby. More »

Today’s Plushie of the Day features a Chococat Plushie! Staring cutely at you, this black cat will make you lose any superstitions you have against them and just want to pick it up to cuddle with it! More »

-Bristol Palin explains her face change and that it’s not plastic surgery.

-This pink flower cupcake looks just like a rose! More »

Today’s daily Etsy features the shop “Sewing Momma.” This Etsy shop sells creative, eco fabric bins. Be sure to check out my favorite items from the store below! More »

Todays User link was given to us by QTKats and is this collection of really cute duck picks! Theres one for each of your family too! Aren’t they just adorable? Any one who loves ducks will surely love these cute little food picks! What do you think of these food picks? More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature is simple too cute for words. This little puppy is sitting on the steps holding a leash in her mouth waiting for her owner to give her a walk. The expression of the puppy makes me feel guilty somehow, I just want to take her for a walk right now. More »

Today’s Plushie of the Day, courtesy of QTKats, features a green octopus knit plushie! I must say those eyes are so large that it magnifies the cuteness greatly! More »

-Find out how Justin Bieber rewarded a bullied boy!

-Imagine finding your orange slices filled with Jello! More »

Actress Marg Helgenberger earlier called teen sensation Justin Bieber a “brat” on CSI’s set and the singer was not too thrilled at the comment. He has insisted that he will view the show cast and crew as kind (though his character was shot dead in the series finale), but has said that Helgenberger took it too far by calling him a “brat”. More »

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