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From Omghaute: On Tuesday, Lily Collins made a surprise appearance at the Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards 2012. A bit on the sultry and seductive side, Lily managed to pull off an Alexander McQueen jacquard bustier dress– the color is great! More »

From Reelwire: It has just been confirmed that Jay-Z will be responsible for scoring the movie redo of the 1982 movie, “Annie“, as well as, to produce the soundtrack. While Will Smith is currently producing this, the girl playing the role of Annie will be none other than his daugher, Willow Smith. More »

From Funsauce: When there, we never give them a second glance, but when they’re not there… More »

The Amazing Spider Man actor Andrew Garfield, who’s currently dating his co-star Emma Stone, has expressed his wishes on becoming a father to UK’s GQ Magazine. More »

From Reelwire: After all her successful famous movies like The Help and Easy A, Emma Stone has finally received several MTV awards for her performances. More »

Things are looking good for these boys! Facing X-Factor UK really comes a long way it seems. One Direction have gained countless amounts of Directioners, and now they’ve gotten their own 3D concert movie! Who’s excited?

More »

From Omghaute: Actor Brad Pitt arrived to his Cannes film premiere, Killing Them Softly, on Tuesday wearing a 18 karat gold sunglasses by Sama Eyewear. Those sunglasses are worth $1,250– talk about super expensive sunglasses! More »

There is a new rumor floating around that links Robert Pattinson to the role of Finnick Odair for Catching Fire, a former tribute, described as something of a ladies man, who gets dragged into the Third Quarter Quell (a Hunger Games contested by previous winners). More »

From Flauntme: It seems like movies have taken over the nail polish scene as Deborah Lippmann releases ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ nail polish set! More »

Breaking Dawn Part 1 ended with Bella awoken as a vampire, and it’s been almost a year ever since. Part 2 will be the last of the Twilight series, and I’m sure it will be just as intense. Nevertheless, the posters of Bella, Edward and Jacob are here to remind you to get excited for the highly anticipated release in November. More »

From Reelwire: Created by J. M. Walter, how totally cute would it be to see Pixar team up with the superhero film, The Avengers? I don’t know about you, but I’d be all for The Pixar Avengers, especially for that hilarious rendering of Thor. More »

From Reelwire: It seems that Harry Potter star, Rupert Grint is ready for more adult roles after landing parts in “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman” and “CBGB.” More »

From Flauntme: Do you know what Benefit Cosmetics and Marvel have in common? I’ll give you one word. SpyGal. Perhaps thanks to the recent success of The Avengers, the two companies thought it was most fitting to create such a superhero beauty. More »

From Omghaute: According to reports, Lindsay Lohan, an unemployed actress, is having trouble paying her bills. This results in having to sell her own clothes and accessories for cash. More »

From Omghaute: -And we’re not talking about the movie either. It looks like the people that were on board the Titanic had quite the fashion sense. More »

From Flauntme: Showing off her fresh face in her latest photo, people are praising Demi Lovato for her natural beauty! More »

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez aren’t only topping the music pop scene these days, they’re also making moves into the business world, which is why they’ve landed in Forbes magazine. More »

From Reelwire: Ah, Toy Story - one of those classic animations that has been, and will be, loved for generations and generations to come. After the first movie’s success, Toy Story 2 was one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the time. More »

From Reelwire: Where? Maybe on HBO’s new angsty hit, ‘Girls’! More »

From Flauntme: Last August, Selena Gomez was seeking the help of her fans to conjure up a whole new fragrance, and now it seems like it finally came to life! More »

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