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This week I’m going with love songs. Not that anything special has happened to me but I was going through my playlist and noticed that the majority of my songs were about love. Then again, the majority of songs are about love. Anyways, these are a few of my favorites and while some of them may be a bit depressing, they are nonetheless passionate and sweet. More »

According to the recent news, Britney Spears’ newest single “Womanizer” has topped the charts. It just goes to show that she still has it even after all the drama the past few years. I guess there really is no such thing as bad PR.

While I love the Britney (specifically the old Britney), her recent songs aren’t anything special. I’m really surprised that she’s doing so well especially after the MTV Music Video Awards where she won 3 awards. Congrats to her but did she really need to be naked in the video? There was absolutely no point of the sauna other than to show that she’s slimmed down from her pregnancies. Although I would have preferred if she did it when she performing “Gimme More” at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2007 wearing nothing but lingerie.

Anyways, go her for bouncing back but is it just me or does she still seem a little angry about Kevin? More »

I just saw Beyonce’s new video for the song “If I Were A Boy”. It took a lot to actually sit down and watch it since I’m not the biggest fan of Beyonce, and the title made me think of Ciara’s concept and song of a similar theme, “Like A Boy”.

SO after watching about 2 minutes of it, I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised that I like the song, and the video is well put together. It’s pretty clear what she’s trying to convey about relationships and all that fun stuff. I just think that it shouldn’t have featured her as the main actress. I have a feeling that had she not been the focus, then the video would have more weight. One of my favorite bands, Funky Monkey Babys, actually hardly EVER uses themselves as the main character(s) for their videos and even for their album covers and it always makes their stuff that more poignant. My boo, Miliyah actually did this for one of her videos unexpectedly and again, it was some powerful stuff.

But anywho, back to Beyonce: have you guys seen her PV? What do you think about it?

If you haven’t seen it yet check it out here: More »

In case my post about what’s playing on my iTunes makes me come off as an emo nerd (which is true), here’s a sampling of the songs that I’ll be dancing to this semester for my dance company at school, Groove. It’s all mostly hip-hop and street jazz, which are not my dominant styles but it should be a fun time =) Very different tunes from my study music right?

I’m no Step Up 2 The Streets (I was trained in ballet), so this kind of dance is actually quite tough for me. Makes me appreciate female hip hoppers and b-girlers all the more. The great thing about hip-hop thought is that it’s very urban and democratic, so at its core it’s not about technique or training but rather about letting lose and hitting the beats. So press play on a few of these and get up to dance with me <3 More »

I love music and can’t work without it. It really helps me get into my groove especially when I’m dead tired and want to choke someone. As such, I have ten songs that I love and always make me feel better when I’m feeling down, angry or just lifeless.

They’re in order from my most favorite to my least, most favorite. I choose all of them based on the lyrics (including the ones in Japanese/Korean) in addition to the melody. More »

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