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We all have our favorite celebrities who we admire or have big crushes on. I am a follower of celebrity culture myself and since Valentine’s Day is coming up, this got me thinking about which of my favorite celebrities I would love to give valentines to if I ever got the chance. (Just a note: it was completely accidental that most of the celebrities I chose have three names.) More »

True story: A real close friend of mine met Joseph Gordon-Levitt at a Spirit Awards luncheon event. The story of her encounter is enough to justify him being the pick for Cute Boy of the Week. It goes like this; She was manning the front door for the luncheon when he pulls up in an unintimidating Honda Civic, by himself. Instead of being a bold, douche-y celebrity, he actually introduced himself to her in the most humble way possible, to sign him into the event. Later, he was really gracious when she approached him for an autograph. Being a humble, ridiculously good looking celebrity makes him not only the cute boy of the week, but…an overall cute boy. More »

What’s so great about actress Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer, Yes Man) is that when this week passes, she’ll still be cute. For Zooey, cute lies in her style — the way she makes frocks from the 60s look as if they were custom-made today just for her. The same could be said for her hair. I don’t know any other celebrities who can pull off mod-inspired hair like she does. Currently, my hair is trying to channel Zooey Deschanel. Please take note of the use of the word “trying.” More »

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