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From Reelwire: Disney and Pixar romances are some of the cutest movies to watch during a special day like Valentine’s Day, so why not sit back relax and choose one of these movies to watch? More »

From Flauntme: YouTube has many videos about beauty, specifically makeup tutorials: the most viewed and popular beauty videos this year were makeup tutorials, including a LMFAO’s single “Sexy and I Know It“-inspired makeup tutorial and an Angelina Jolie makeup tutorial. More »

If you are like me, a major fan of Disney movies, this video that I am about to present will blow your simple mind away! Like miles away! More »

Today’s GIF of the day comes from a classic Disney film, Aladdin! I’m pretty sure we all know this movie and what it’s about. Aladdin unleashes a genie and gets three wishes, also falling in love with princess Jasmine along the way. I’m so glad that these two worked out it in the end! More »

If I had to pick the #1 thing I miss about my childhood, it would be Disney movies. And if I had to pick my top 10 list of fictional guys I’ve fallen in love with, a very handsome portion goes to the Disney princes and heroes. There just simply isn’t enough credit out there being given to them in comparison to the princesses (of which I spent pretty much every Halloween dressing up as one so I guess that’s understandable). But if those princesses are the stuffs of little boy wet dreams, then their counterpart princes are definitely the stuffs of little girl romanticism.

So with that here are my five favorite Disney princes and heroes - the ones who shaped my image of the ideal man growing up and have made my expectations about love unrealistic: More »

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