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Be prepared to welcome in the new year with a delicious sweet concoction from Dairy Queen–their brand new Upside-Down Chocolate Candy Shop flavoured Blizzard. More »

You girls are probably all thinking this is a guy’s game but in reality, every girl I’ve talked to who plays has enjoyed the game or became addicted (one of my girlfriends became so addicted that she ended up with carpal tunnel). So don’t be so quick to judge. I know it’s not made for everyone, but it is fun! I have to admit I didn’t like it at first but now I’m always searching for time to play. More »

John Hagel and John Seely Brown at Newsweek has put out the word that WoW has built a path of innovation for the work environment. Sounds a bit crazy but they have an interesting angle.

They’re looking to incorporate common MMORPG (massive multi player online roll playing game) features like experience system, custom dashboard that display real time employee progress, and team building tips that are used in player created guild structure of the title.

Not exactly what I thought when I first read the article but it is interesting. On the other hand, WoW has made me more productive as I try to finish a lot of work early so I can have more time to play at the end of the day.

Oh snap, it’s finally out. The patch we’ve all been waiting for that’ll let you open clams while you’re riding a vehicle, sitting, mounting, stealthed and invisible.

Okay that’s not really the special party but Blizzard did fix a few things in this patch in addition to a sexy new interface. I am now able to make death knights on any server which is pretty freaking bad ass but don’t expect me to change servers any time soon.

Who would have known Blizzard would be so Asian friendly?

Playing WoW yesterday, I noticed that there are Lunar Festival Emissaries in all the major cities. By talking to them you’ll get a quest to go talk to other emissaries which then leads to more quests involving fireworks and killing a demon.

It was completely unexpected and while they didn’t go all out like they would for Christmas and New Years, it’s still a nice touch. More »

So it’s been awhile since I’ve put an update but I have been playing!

Skipping past the earlier parts of the game, my friends rushed me through to level 55 so I could make a sexy death knight (sankyu to Fayt and Devilwind). Death knights are a new class that are introduced as part of the 2nd expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. So far it’s been bad ass (in comparison to the rogue class) as I’ve been tearing shit up (not really).

Upon making one, you start as a “dead” hero who has been reborn through the Lich King. You then do a bunch of newb missions that play into the story eventually leading you to (SPOILER) the path of good. This part was actually my favorite so far in my experience. While there are still a handful of boring quests (collecting 20 of whatever), you get to do a lot of other cool things like gank a fortress with a bone dragon in addition to being a really ghetto tree.

As of right now, I’m in the Outlands level 65 working my way to 80. I didn’t get to play much the past 2 days because I got sick. If only I could drink a potion (Nyquil) and be instantly better.

Not exactly a necklace but it’s as good as it’ll get for some people.

Blizzard has recently released the official WoW MMO Gaming mouse. It pretty much looks like a metallic cockroach but it can do a lot more than a regular mouse. There are 13 easily programmable buttons in addition to a LED glow that I find quite attractive. Kotaku seemed to love the mouse; however, the awkward build of the mouse is uncomfortable in addition to it only being designed for WoW.

Read the whole review here.

I don’t do Christmas cards mainly because they require perfect penmanship (aka effort) but I always like receiving them. I’m horrible I know!

To my surprise, Blizzard was sweet enough to send me a personalized Christmas card featuring a few WoW characters on the front. Inside reads: “Happiness is always remembering…even the naughty can play nice!” And the cherry on top is that it’s actually signed (not stamped) by Blizzard employees.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that they thought of me.

Merry Christmas everyone. More »

The gamer girl pool isn’t that big so fending off the men in World of Warcraft is as difficult as it gets (although I’m sure some girls would appreciate the attention). Nonethless, Felicia Day is a gamer gal who teaches the nubs of WoW how to date. She goes into details of what to look for, what makes a good gamer and how to be safe.

Reading through her tips, I realized its all true. For example, most female avatars are actually guys. I’ve actually had friends who’ve pretended to be girls for the sake of attention and free items. The internet isn’t safe and neither is gaming so beware!

So far in my WoW adventures I have yet to face these types of problems but I’ve only dipped my toe into the pool.

Source: Asylum

There hasn’t been much playing the past few days since my RAF (Recruit A Friend) partner has been MIA which is fine because it gave me a little more time to actually play and learn instead of follow.

1: I learned that leveling sucks especially without your RAF partner. I’ve always hated grinding but after playing for 3+ hours only to get one level only reinforce it.

2: Guys talk about girls too much. You either like them or you don’t. Life would be easier for all us girls if you just picked.

3: I hate PKs (player kill). While I was questing, this asshole was camping on one area PKing everyone that came by.

4: I walk more in WoW than I have my entire life. It’s a shame because I could use the exercise.

5: The game isn’t fun at all without friends. Most of the time spent between Wednesday and Thursday was spent questing alone until my friends helped me out then the party got started. Shout out to Xorsyst for switching servers for me. <3

Even though it sounds like I’m ranting, I’m actually having a lot of fun. Reconnecting with old friend ftfw. Btw for those of you who keep asking, I’m on Frostwolf Horde currently level 28 Blood Elf Rogue.

Aside from that, my friend Nubs (day 4) made a new video that just as cheesy as the first. Take a look after the jump:

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 More »

This was the first time I made it through an instance (dungeon). I leveled a bit (23 – 26) and got to spend some time with my old friends from Korea in the process.

Most of them haven’t changed since I left (2 years ago) which I guess is a good thing. One of them (Deiru) had a birthday earlier this month (he’s 20). And since he’s such a cool guy, one of my friends (Nub) made a video/song for him.

It’s honestly the stupidest song I’ve ever heard (with Because I Got High in 2nd), but it is funny. He made a full 4 minute video/song about Deiru and WoW with him dancing throughout. I’m worried how he’ll make it through college. You can watch the video after the jump.

But lesson learned, it’s good to have friends. They’ve been helping me out this whole time. Hopefully I’ll get to put in some real game time tonight. Wewt.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 More »

Today I attended WoW 101 since I’ve only played a handful of days in total (I’m newb yes). My friend Deiru introduced me to addons like QuestHelper and Cartographer which change your interface in the game and help better your experience. Totally worth it btw.

Aside from interface, the game could use a couple upgrades. For starters, I wish I could edit the default interface without having to use addons, it would be helpful if they showed the agro circle on the mini map and auto positioning. I’m not trying to complain about a free game but a few touch up here and there would nice.

Now having played a decent amount of time (12 hours across 3 days), the game reminded me a lot of my first MMO Ultima Online (UO) which is also the basis of most modern MMOs. The way you have to play WoW in addition to other aspects like profession, culture, etc. resembles a lot of UO. Not that it’s a bad thing but it does bring back memories.

Anyways, I’m now level 23 hoping to get to 30 by tonight so I can have the ability to mount animals versus walking everywhere. Dear god do you walk a lot. I kind of wish I was in game that way I could lose some weight while playing. /Dreams. More »

I decided to pull an all night last night since I haven’t played much the previous day. Turned out to be a good thing (despite lack of sleep) since it was WoW’s 4th Anniversary. Free polar bears for everyone! Literally.

Blizzard gave all users a free polar bear pet to mark the special day. I had a few problems trying to summon the damn thing but eventually got it. It’s the most adorable thing ever! Good job WoW and happy birthday.

Aside from that, I had to switch servers as well because my friends are stubborn. I hate rerolling but should be more fun now, yes? If you play, I’m now and staying on Frostwolf.

Day 1

Gaming maven Blizzard was sweet enough to send me a copy of their latest World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion, Wrath of the Lich King (WLK).

Being me, I actually got started right away only to run into the longest installation ever. /Exaggeration. I played a couple years ago and forgot how long the installation took.

During this time I recruited my friends to play with me so I wouldn’t completely noob it (but ended up doing anyways, holy crap did I freak out for the first 10 minutes). Eventually I ended up with one friend who “recruited” me which gave us 3x EXP. Yey for hax.

I played for about three hours only to get to level 13 (which is pretty good by WoW standards). I plan to play some more today where hopefully I’ll reach level 50 by the end of the day. Even though I was pretty bored just playing the noob quests, I’m a bit addicted. Damn.

For those of you curious (or know what the frack I’m talking about), I’m a Rogue Blood Elf. Switching to Death Knight as soon as I hit level 55. More »

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