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Today’s Plushie of the Day features a Chick Plushie having a meal! Being seemingly quite lonely at the table as I do not know if this chick has someone to sit across from them, it seems like this chicky needs more friends! More »

Today’s edition of So Fluffy I Could Die features a yellow chick in an eggshell! In a sea of eggshells lies this adorable and fluffy yellow chick! I wonder what it was thinking when it hatched. Hopefully, its fur will keep it warm! More »

Today’s edition of So Fluffy I Could Die is brought to you by PockyPanda and features a fluffy small Yellow Chick! Looks like this yellow chick missed out on Easter. But it just looks so precious sitting there on the table! Actually, when I first saw it, I immediately thought of the yellow chicks from “Hop”! But this one looks more innocent than those chicks. More »

The following video is NSFCL (not safe for chick lovers). As you can see from the photo, a baby chicken is fighting a lizard that’s 10 times his size. Of course I wouldn’t show you this video if the chick loses. Rather, this is a story of bravery and courage never before seen in the history of chick fights. But I must warn you that the chick does not leave this fight without some scars, both physical and emotional ones. And whoever shot this, why didn’t you help the chick out!? More »

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