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When we all need that extra push to get through the day, coffee definitely comes to mind. More »

Coffee can be cute too! If you had to put an expression on coffee what face would you put on it? More »

Kazuki Yamamoto is an amazing coffee artist who makes paintings with coffee and steamed milk. More »

From Funsauce: With Psy’s “Gangnam Style” taking the world by storm, it’s only reasonable that cafe art be created in his honor. More »

From Flauntme: Eyeshadow duo compacts are great in that they take away a lot of the guess work for coming up with good color combinations for your eye. I’ve recently given Saint Germain Paris’ Eyeshadow Duo in Beige Light/Coffee a spin. More »

When Winter season comes along what is the first thing you think of? I’m willing to bet most people think of the big holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. However, the cold weather that Winter season brings along is something that should also be included. It may not be cold in every single part of the world, but in those parts that are cold, it’s hard to stay warm. Who said warm clothes are the only things to keep your body warm? Here are 5 beverages perfect to help warm that body up! More »

Not every part of coffee’s history is pretty. Putting the slavery and wars aside, women were “supposed to” get up early in the morning to prepare coffee for their husbands, while getting A-hole responses in return. More »

Nothing says bliss quite like a Sunday morning scone with a cup of the best coffee you’ve ever had. Take that a step further and you’ve got a heart-shaped Buttermilk Cranberry scone. (Nothing gets better than things that are heart-shaped.) Within a scone’s throw, PinchMySalt has an excellent recipe for Buttermilk Cranberry scones. More »

According to good ‘ol wiki (because I could not have put it any better myself),

“Latte art is a style of pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso that creates a pattern or design on the surface of the resulting latte. It can also be created or embellished by simply “drawing” in the top layer of foam. Latte art is particularly difficult to create consistently, due to the demanding conditions required of both the espresso shot and milk. This, in turn, is limited by the experience of the barista and quality of the espresso machine. The pour itself, then, becomes the last challenge for the latte artist.” More »

Remember that popular New Order song from the 80s about coffee, milk and sugar? It went something like this: “Every time I see coffee fallin, I get down on my knees and pray. I’m waiting for that final moment you, say the words that sugar or milk can’t say.” Hsinping’s got a super cute pin set that pays tribute to that epic 80s song. Okay, fine. I lied, there’s no such song. But there is indeed a love triangle that exists between coffee, milk and sugar. It says so on the packaging. More »

I’m not much of a morning person. If coffee was never found, I don’t think I’ll be able to wake up. But if I had my coffee and tea served in these cute Japanese mugs, I think I would look forward to my mornings. Cuteness just makes the day a little brighter after all! More »

I never ever thought I’d blog about Martha Stewart but here I am doing just that: take a look at her Cutest Cupcake Contest Winners. Some of these are SO cute, beautiful, or ornate that I don’t think it’s right that they’re supposed to be eaten.

I have a number of favorites but the sushi-imitation ones take the cake (harhar pun intended). Can you believe those things are really cupcakes?? I’m trying to imagine popping one in my mouth and instead of soy sauced seaweed, fish, and rice you get an explosion of coconut, sprinkles, gummies, and fruit-by-the-foot. Crazy taste bud mind games. But very practical when you think about it… you don’t even have to use your hands to eat cupcakes because they go better with chopsticks! More »

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