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How would you like a Unique eye catching outfit that will def get everyone talking, oh and not to mention it’s a fairly simple DIY project? It’s really simple, all you will need are : A tube dress, an iron, a printer, and iron on transfer sheets. All of this can be made for less than $20. Customize it anyway you like, throw on ear buds, dress with friends. Either way you swing it you’re good to go! More »

I absolutely adore costume jewelry designed by Pascale and Enzo Amaddeo from Paris-based company Les Nereides. Their collection is cute and elegant at the same time, unlike Betsey Johnson’s designs, which tend to be loud and gaudy. How very, very whimsical. More »

Here’s a more fun way to upcycle a toy: take a large Care Bear, gut it, adjust it with your mad sewing skills, and then stuff your kid in it. More »

Inspired by the Great Lady Gaga, hundreds of Japanese fans donned handmade costumes, original creations, and Japanese vs. Lady Gaga style mashups recently, in anticipation of the singer’s second show at the Yokohama Arena near Tokyo. Here’s a collection of some of the pictures taken from Tokyo Fashion. More »

Remember how I said I was going as the Silk Spectre from Watchmen and had to figure out some way to de-skankify?

Mission successful (sort of)! The only leg flesh I have showing is some thigh, but that’s covered in shiny skin-colored tights, so all is well and covered in Halloween costume land and I didn’t freeze.

For the rest of the costume, I pretty much cut up a spare black tank top to create the black linings for the yellow shirt and then cut apart a black leotard and glued that on as well. There are black full-arm length gloves you can’t see here I made out of black leggings and for the boots I cheated and just wore regular knee-highs with black leg warmers to make them look like thigh-highs. Complete with a pair of black shorts and thick belt and you have the Silk Spectre!

The ladies flanking me are dressed as Nite Owl (left) and Ozymandias (right). Both are male superhero characters actually, but they’re looking very fine as ladies don’t you think?

For more pictures of the whole ensemble (we had Doctor Manhattan and Rorschach and The Comedian as well) as well as some Yale Halloween debauchery, check out the full album! (courtesy of Elie Chau)

Hope you all had a great and safe Halloween! I’m dying to know what you dressed up as :D

After the jump: A trailer of the Watchmen movie, due out in theaters next year… More »

I’ve already made plans for myself for Halloween that don’t include dressing up but since Tiffy and Mingy said who they would be, here’s who I want to be.

I always like dressing up (duh I’m a girl) so when I saw this photo of my favorite Jpop artist, Ayumi Hamasaki, I was in complete awe of her beauty. The whole “big” dress, sleeves, hat thing is adorable and I would love to flaunt it. But because of my size, chances are I would be buried in the fabric but incredibly warm.

I’m not going to get the chance to live out this fantasy but hopefully next time a costume opportunity approaches, I’ll be able to.

Lucky Tiffany has figured out what she wants to be for Halloween but I’m still in the throes of a girl’s worst Halloween costume nightmare - to skank or not to skank?

The most solid idea I’ve come up with thus far is to join a bunch of my friends who are all dressing up as characters from Watchmen (a 1986 superhero comic that’s coming to the big screen in 2009) and go as the Silk Spectre - aka Femme Fatale and Skanky Supergal of the year.

I typically avoid being the slutty nurse or playboy bunny that every other girl in the world seems to want to be for Halloween (because it’s the one time of the year you can look like a hoe and get away with it yadda yadda). So as much as I love the Silk Spectre I also can’t help but think her look is a bit too far on the slutty side for me.

I think the comic book version (click more to see the picture) of the Silk Spectre might be a bit less spandex and butt-cheek exposure happy, but then again see-through yellow dresses are probably more revealing (and more difficult to find) than sheer yellow shirts. Black pumps are also less slutty than over-the-knee black boots, but then again the latter covers up more skin and I’m going to need all the protection against cold weather I can get.

What to do?!?! Should I try to pull this off? If so, which version should I do and how skankerific is too much?? More »

I’ve got it! Remember my little dilemma about what to be for Halloween?! WELL, I’ve finally decided that I will be a Fafinette! HAHA it actually hit me that it would be such a fun and girly costume while I was in the middle of my Japanese mid-term, random I know. But don’t you think it’d be fun!? I mean, not that I’m going to actually go anywhere on Halloween, but just for the heck of it, I would like to dress up. I only have one problem now:


See, I love all of the Fafi girls, but with only 8 days until Halloween, I’ve got to pick a favorite, and fast! So I ask you girls, out of the Fafi girl’s shown, which do you think I should dress up as: More »

Maruione Shinjuku is a Japanese fashion retailer that typically revolves around gothic, lolita and punk styles. While other people tend to turn away from goths and punk, in Japan it’s become more than just some dark makeup. Thus Maruione Shinjuku brings to you the fourth annual Individual Fashion Expo on September 23, 2008 at the JCB Hall in Tokyo Dome City.

The Individual Fashion Expo showcases the global expansion of Japanese gothic, lolita and punk fashion. There will be 21 different iconic clothing brands that will participate in the show which will also feature both professional models and readers of the popular Japanese magazine, KERA.

Having nonprofessional, everyday people model is considered normal in Japan as fashion is for everyday people. And plus when you walk around Japan, you can see some of the trendiest people unlike some places where a wife beater and jeans is the everyday look. More »

Cosplay or costume play is when someone dresses up as a character from specifically but not limited to Japanese media such as anime, music artists and games. While it may seem just like Halloween it’s become much more.

Cosplaying has become a big part of Japanese fashion in addition to parts of Europe and the US. You can typically see cosplayers on the streets of Japan and it wouldn’t be considered unusual. Some districts in Japan are even well known for attracting cosplayers such as the Harajuku district or Akihabara. Here you can not only find cosplayers but other popular Japanese fashion. It’s the Japanese version of 5th/Fashion Avenue in New York.

While it is common on the streets, there are also conventions dedicated to the world of cosplaying. Comiket is possibly the single largest and most famous event attended by cosplayers. Otherwise known as Comic Market or CM, it’s considered the world’s largest comic convention and held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan.

I have never cosplayed but I do plan to in the future after attending my first cosplay event in August. It really is a different world.

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