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For every “wow” blog-worthy Etsy item I’ve come across so far, there’s always at least one that makes me scratch my head and say, “WTF?” Regretsy is a blog that highlights all of those DIY/craft objects gone awry in the most hilarious ways. In fact their tag line is, “Where DIY means WTF.” And WTF, indeed. I’m glad I’m not alone in my Etsy adventures. More »

Crepe paper isn’t just for high school dances or piƱatas. Kelly Oshiro Events has reinvented the use of crepe paper, making it function table cloth! Yes, that’s right table cloth. Don’t worry, it’s not as trashy as it sounds, especially when you see how it’s used for Valentine’s Day decor: More »

I’ll admit, I don’t leave the house much. I’m a blogger, it’s my lifestyle. Although I hardly leave the house, signs of Valentine’s Day’s arrival are super unavoidable. Someone recently submitted two images indicating that Valentine’s Day is near — it’s taken over convenience store cookies and inspired the emergence of red and pink arts and crafts. More »

When I stay with friends who live in another city, they are always gracious hosts. They put effort in showing me a fun time and making sure that I’m as comfortable as possible since I’m away from home. Sometimes, though, my comfort is sacrificed due to my sleeping situation–lumpy futon, hardwood floor, loud and inconsiderate roommates, or sleeping in the same room with a cat in heat. I love my friends, so I try not to complain since I’m a guest in their homes. More »

One thing that I love about an amigurumi turkey for Thanksgiving, is that I don’t have to consider wearing pants with an expanding waistline to dinner. Amigirumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, cute creatures. ‘Ami’ means crocheting or knitting, while the ‘nuigurumi’ part of amigrumi means stuffed doll. More »

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