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Well, Bumble and bumble. is offering free styling, cuts, and/or color with their Model Project. Bb.U’s program offers students real live models to practice their craft on, and you (the model) a free hairstyle! There’s only one catch. Don’t go in just looking for a trim, because that’s not what they need you for. If you’re adventurous and ready for a new ‘do, then this could be for you. And since budgets are getting cut left and right, why not! IT’S FREE!

Cuts range from short layers to long men’s razor cuts and even to whatever is the current style trend. If you do the styling, you can get a blow dry, french roll, and a few more, color options are cool too, from a single process to highlights, or single process with highlights!

Head over to Bumble and bumble’s Model Project for more info on what’s offered and how you can sign up.

In Korea I was some what spoiled since my hairstylist was a friend of my mom’s so I always got a discount on getting my hair done (trim = $1 - $5, sometimes free depending on length). I miss my stylist so much and now that I’m in the US again, you would think I would just bite the bullet and deal with the overpriced salons (trim = $17?!) but no I didn’t. These past few months I’ve been trimming my own bangs which have saved loads for me. Why bother having someone else do it when you can do just the same for free? Yeah you can say it’s professional and safe but it’s really simple but more on that later.

So far I’ve stuck to the semi side swept bangs but I’ve wanted to change it up for awhile now that they’re long again. I haven’t decided what style I want so I figured I would ask you!

P.S. I just noticed how huge my forehead looks in that photo. LOL! More »

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