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From Flauntme: This coming January, Deborah Lippmann will be launching a new nail polish collection inspired by HBO’s GIRLS. More »

From Funsauce: Jeff Cohen, a reporter at WNPR, decided to interview his 3 and 5 year-old daughters after his 5 year-old (Sadie) took it upon herself to cut the 3 year-old (Eva)’s hair. The result? Their super cute and hilarious retelling about the worst haircut ever. More »

From Reelwire: Where? Maybe on HBO’s new angsty hit, ‘Girls’! More »

Nothing is better than finding cute stuff that’s also cheap. You can save a bunch of money on stuff that’s adorable! So below are my picks for 5 cutest finds of the day for under $5. More »

According to the twitter account shitgirlssay (pardon the language), most girls tend to say the same random things. Exactly what do they say, you ask? More »

I like to read quotes to gain insight about how other people view the world. The ones I am inspired by are the ones I try to apply to my own life. I look up to other women who are strong individuals and embrace being female. What I learn from them is that it does not hurt being feminine while kicking ass at the same time. More »

For every reason I have for why it’s fun being a girl, I have a reason why it’s not fun. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to balance the two, especially if you’re young and you’re still living at home. I’d liken this experience to being punched in the ovaries, but since I’ve never been punched in the ovaries, I’ll say that I’m Asian AND a girl. This is basically the same thing. If that analogy doesn’t work for you, No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” song comes to mind. If you can sympathize with that song or if you’re currently stuck in your situation, I’ve got 5 ways to cope with being a girl. More »

Never in human history has their been a year without cute. True, it hasn’t always been documented properly (I’m sure someone invented a cute wheel?), but the goal GirlyBubble is trying to achieve with the start of the GirlyBubble Year End Special is to make sure 2009 is remembered as an epic year in which girly, cute, kawaii stuff happened. That said, expect a blog post that pays tribute to 2009 in cute every day leading up to New Years Day . More »

Everquest 2 did a survey on their players to figure out the sexual preference of their users. No idea why but let’s just say Everquest’s surveys in the past haven’t been reliable.

This study states that the majority of women who play MMOs (massive multiplayer online games) are bisexual. Uh…what? In all my experience of playing games, I’ve rarely ever met a girl who wasn’t straight (I can only think of 1 that was Bi). While there are probably Bi’s in the gaming world, the majority of female avatars in MMOs are males pretending to be females. It’s no wonder they’re Bi.

As we all know, for the past few weeks I’ve been slightly obsessed with Fafinettes, and for Halloween I chose to dress up as one. Well, I decided that my “costume”, pictured to the left, would be a mixture of some of my favorite Fafinettes, but I don’t have any full pictures of my outfit. If you’re wondering what I’m wearing:tank top (2) old school running shorts, leggings, leg warmers and pumps. Also  I wanted to give props to the other chicas who donned their Fafinette alter egos for Halloween, and even those who rock their inner Fafinette, no special occassion needed. So here’s to all of the Fafinettes Worldwide!!

More »

This weekend I’m going to spending all my time at New York Anime Festival which started today. Even though it’s supposed to be calm, it was really busy for us because we were doing a Cosplay Photoshoot Contest which attracted a lot of cute cosplayers. I had no idea what to expect and I’m a little jealous/sad that I didn’t get to cosplay myself.

We took over 200 photos today which doesn’t even amount to how many we’ll be taking tomorrow. For now however, here’s a few from today that I thought stood out in my mind.

Note that I only picked girls this time! No offense to the boys but the girl in me has to represent. This in no way has any influence over the winners in the contest. Voting process will begin Monday. Good luck to everyone.

I was also told that most of the cosplayers were bringing their A-game tomorrow. More »

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