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Before you read on, there are just a few things you have to do to prepare for yourself. 1) Make sure you’re sitting down. 2) Stop operating any heavy machinery while you’re at it. 3) Give yourself plenty of room to have a few cute-splosions to yourself. There’s a reason why you need to be prepared and it’s because these Hello Kitty Youtube videos are too cute to handle! More »

From Hello Kitty burqas to vibrators, this has been by far the hardest (and most fun) top 5 list I’ve ever had to put together. Believe it or not, there is a multitude of random Hello Kitty items. Some official, some unofficial and some just…plain weird. More »

Could this month go by without legitimately paying e-homage to our Queen of Cute’s 35th anniversary? Absolutely not! In honor of Hello Kitty turning 35 this month, GirlyBubble’s got a great week of Hello Kitty blog posts scheduled. More »

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