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The holidays are here! The holidays are here! Wondering what cute things you can get for a loved one before Christmas sneaks up on you? Have a budget as a student? Well, here are 10 Cute Holiday Gifts under $50 you can consider as you shop in stores or online! More »

From Ziggytek: Today’s Unique USB features a Kawaii Winter Glasses Girl Doll Flash Drive! She’s all bundled up and ready for the winter season, scarf and earmuffs (or are those headphones) and all. More »

From Omghaute: You probably all know the moment when your are reading a book or a magazine in your bed to the point that your neck starts to hurt, well take a look at these glasses that solves that problem. More »

From Omghaute: Victoria Beckham who already has a succesful fashion line, has now launched her first optical line. More »

From Funsauce: Unfortunately this only applies to those of us glasses-wearers, but it’ll certainly be entertaining to look at for all you non-wearers out there as well! More »

From Flauntme: Today’s Daily Nail Art is this nerdy glasses design by freestylenails. More »

Today’s Plushie of the Day features an Octopus Plushie with Glasses! This cute little octopus is attempting to give you that New Years Eve kiss that lasts until New Years tonight! (That is, if you don’t already have somebody to kiss.) More »

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