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On Valentine’s Day there’s love in the air and it’s crucial to look your best for your partner and, if you’re going solo, any possible candidates. To stay lovely and put together, check out these hair tutorials for any possible dos that will compliment your Valentine’s Day ensemble. More »

From Flauntme: Even though I know that most of us are in a rush in the morning, adjusting your routine a bit for a little perfection time is today’s Beauty Tip of the Day. More »

What exactly defines beauty? People can be very wrong if they say that neatly straightened or curled hairstyles look the best. With this list I’m going to show you really beautiful hair, the messy style. More »

While having short hair is a lot easier to maintain and keeps you cooler during the summer, there are just so many hairstyles that you can’t do with short hair that sometimes it just makes you wish you had longer hair. More »

From Flauntme: With school so close, why not return school with a POW! And the perfect way to go, is to spice up your hairstyles. More »

From Flauntme: Summer’s approaching quick and when you have fabulous summer dresses and summer tees and shorts to pull off, a perfect hairstyle to complete your summer look is quite necessary. Summer hair is all about fun and looking perfect for the sun. Check out these 5 hairstyles and tutorials that will keep you cool for any summer day! More »

Is everyone ready and excited for prom? Getting the perfect dress is absolutely important for girls, but do you have a hairstyle that you can match perfectly with it? Check out the 5 Fun Prom Hairstyles that I can suggest for you. More »

As if there aren’t enough signs in the world telling me that life isn’t fair, I come across these Japanese fashion magazine scans of women fabulously rocking a hairstyle most women would wear on their ‘day off.’ Odango is Japanese for dumpling — if you can think of a ‘dumpling hair concept,’ you can easily visualize it as just being a messy bun on top of your head. And it’s painfully easy to do: More »

For those of you always on the go, you probably never have time to do your hair. I hate when that happens to me so when TotalBeauty put the up the list of “17 Hairstyles That Take Less Than 10 Minutes”, I was thrilled.

Most the hairstyles are very cute while others are generic. My personal favorites are “The Audrey”, “High-Volume Pony”, “Hello, Sailor”, and “Vintage Vamp”. All of which seem easy to do and look classy.

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