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From Funsauce: Not only is this picture amusing and cute, it’s also absolutely true. More »

Mochi is a popular and sweet rice cake that originated in Japan. Though with the expansion of multiculturalism, mochi has spread over across Asia and has also become popular with Korean individuals. Adopting the Japanese dish, Korean people have created their own version of Mochi called Chapssalddeok. More »

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. More »

There’s another Panda Dog in town — and it’s not that panda dog. Panda Dog is actually the name of a super cute online Korean comic/animated shorts site based on the lives of…panda dogs. Despite the name, panda dogs can be a cross breed between dog and another animal like rabbits. More »

When Pucca is not going around chasing her crush Garu, she can be found playing music, literally. Korean company POINTFIVE will be releasing a Pucca-shaped mp3 player, designed specifically with young girls in mind. However, the young-at-heart will surely want to get their hands on this too. I know I would. More »

Sure, ‘Tous Les Jours’ means ‘everyday’ in French, but don’t let the name of the Korean bakery chain fool you into thinking it’s French. Tous Les Jours is actually a big Korean bakery chain that is so popular, it’s extended its reach to Orange County, my home. Sure, it’s not the same as the real chain, but it’ll do. The cute cakes are pretty much the same cute cakes. I stopped by the other day to take some sneaky cake photos: More »

In the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday, I present to you one of my favorite animated shorts ever: the I Love Egg song. Why yes, it is exactly what you think it is — a long song dedicated to eggs. It’s also geared to get more Korean children to eat eggs. The song is also available in English but since I discovered the Korean version first, the Korean version has my egg lovin’ heart. More »

Are you in love with someone? Like, so much it hurts? So much that, you can relate to quirky, cute animated Korean videos featuring nondescript cute creatures singing a song so cute it doesn’t matter that the only words you can understand are, “I want you?” Well, have I the Youtube video for you. More »

What was supposed to be an Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday as Princess Ann appreciation post has now turned into me coming across Korea’s version of the Blythe Doll, the Pullip doll. So far to my knowledge, there exists three Audrey Hepburn Pullip dolls, a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly doll, a Sabrina doll and a Roman Holiday Princess Ann doll. More »

Ever since a trip to Korea almost two years ago, I’d fallen in love with Korean accessories brand Lovcat. Lovcat has a signature style that’s super feminine and girly in the details — there are hardly any Lovcat wallets that lack the presence of a small heart. As a stickler for details, I am ALL about the Lovcat heart. It’s understated and feminine at the same time. More »

As of yesterday, this Christmas wish isn’t the most legitimate for me. While Christmas shopping, I thought I’d actually buy myself a really cute phone charm from a local Japanese pop culture novelty store. Turns out, my new phone is not cute phone charm friendly. I shake my fist at you Samsung Eternity! More »

Okay. Before anyone starts throwing things at me for picking Super Junior, a Kpop boy group over just focusing on one cute boy this week, let me plead my case. Having to handpick one cute boy is really tough. Almost kind of stressful, really. The world, it’s full of cute boys — why do I have to settle on just one a week for the Cute Boy of the Week feature? Kpop boy bands in my opinion, were made to address this issue. More »

Although Korea is often credited as the leader of the blemish balm (BB cream) trend, that is hardly the case. Put simply, BB cream is tinted moisturizer that boasts other benefits such as UV-ray protection, acne and oil control. It is the beauty god’s gift to the lazy girl. While the popularity of Korean BB cream has skyrocketed over the last year or so, tinted moisturizer, I’m sorry to say, is nothing new. Nor is its use limited to Korea! As a fan of BB cream, I can confidently say that I’ve been around the international block. More »

From Ningin: It’s fact, beauty standards vary across cultures. One country may have a deep appreciation for tanned, bronze skin and curvaceous figures while another may deem pale complexions and leaner figures beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, truly. Having traveled to Asia a few times, I’ve been able to identify and put together a list of Top 5 Asian beauty trends. More »

From Ningin: BoA, the epitome of beauty should be no surprise to own most of the best beauty commercials. Before Girls’ Generation and Son Dam bi were crowned, BoA has been remained the queen of advertising in Korea. A few good beauty companies are tied to her name such as Fasio (Kose), Maybeline and Missha. Ever since BoA debuted, her gorgeous face has been captivating audiences and hypnotizing men and women alike with the combination of her charm, sexiness, innocence, beauty, charisma and star qualities. More »

From Ningin: You know, I thought I knew all the classic Christmas songs, but it seems I totally missed one. There’s a Christmas carol that has 2NE1’s name in it and it’s for Baskin Robbins. Cute wallpapers, and new videos all accompany this promotion. More »

Weirdest food I’ve ever had but ended up liking? Live octopus on several occasions in Korea. Live, as in, *I could still feel the tentacles wiggling in my mouth as I was chewing–mmm! Octopus in the form of $2 vinyl toys (absolute steal!) called Takochu on the other hand, aren’t meant for eating. More »

I just got a nice little care package from a friend in Korea. The package inside was an assortment of yummy Asian snacks, but the box alone was enough to brighten my day. Just look at cuteness of it! Everything really is cuter over in Asia… More »

What is it about pretty boys that drive some girls wild? I don’t mean pretty boys of the Gossip Girl type, I’m talking about those guys who actually get mistaken for women. They’re kinda rare in the American entertainment biz, since macho is revered, but in some places like Japan and Korea….it’s like the girlier the better. I listen to a lot of A-pop and I tend to watch a lot of K-dramas and J-movies, so I’ve noticed this a lot….and one of my friends seems to LOVE guys who look like girls. Personally I’d take a manly man over a girl-esque guy any day. More »

ZOMFG! I’m really spazzing out right now because the The Seoul Fashion Report book I told you guys about is very close to being in effect! As a reminder, the Seoul Fashion Report is the photobook that’s compiled of original hardcopy street shots from Feet Man Seoul. What’s so exciting about this is that FMS is the first and most likely only street and coutour fashion site in Korea that showcases the original styles of it’s fashionable citizens. If you’ve every been to FMS, you know how great of a job they do at reporting the trends of Korea with style, and how the photos are just stunning. They really capture the uniqueness that is the style of Korea.

More »

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