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From Omghaute: Who would have thought that the day would come when men would start wearing tights! According to Emilio Cavallini, the upscale legwear specialist, a total of two to three percent of the company’s annual business comes from male buyers who purchase unisex 2009 collection. More »

From Flauntme: While many thinks only biker dudes get tattoos, they were recently proven wrong. A new study revealed that 59% of the people that get tattoos are female. More »

Photographer Rion Sabean decided to show us how ridiculous some classic feminine poses are, by putting together a collection of photos. I think the pictures say more than a thousand words, so just have a look for yourself!

More »

It is close to that day of the month dedicated to fathers everywhere. A great way to show that important man in your life you appreciate him is with a mustache themed gift, because nothing says “manly” more than a mustache does. Why not add a little humor to his Father’s Day with these 5 funny gifts? It may brighten up his day, whether he has facial hair or not. More »

Each gender has its own stereotypes like men being bread winners or women being a little bit too sensitive for their own good. The latter stereotype is the theme of Amuse Soft Entertainment’s new DVD Crying Girl (translated to Nakigao in Japanese), which was released in Japan late last month. More »

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this definitely calls for some extra sap in the love life department. But ever the practical realist, I’m out to remind you all that you can either let Vday be a way for your man to think you’re hopelessly in love with him, or a way to get him falling hopelessly in love with you. More »

So you are probably sale shopping your little heart out today, since it is THE shopping day of the year. But of all the people on your shopping list, come on, the boys are the least fun to shop for. So I have compiled a list of fun gifts that hip guys will actually use/wear. And best of all, if they don’t like it, you can use/wear it yourself! Best of all, you can order everything online at, which is one of the hippest online indie boutiques there is on the web. So sit back, relax, and whip out your plastic.

1) Steel Couture: Rubber Chainmail Cuff v08 for Men- $52 This is an edgy cuff for guys who like some accessories. It is 130 industrial strength rubber and steel rings woven together for a manly look. But I’d still wear it! More »

This is my all time favorite cologne for guys. I found it one day by randomly smelling it while visit a local Victoria’s Secret store. I couldn’t believe the sexiness it brought to my senses as I took a big whiff. I recommend it to all my guy friends (especially the ones that smell horribly). I even bought one for my dad and recommended it to my boyfriend. He was sweet enough to buy it just for me then again he’s gotten great reactions from it so I’m sure he’s happy with it too.

This past weekend I converted another non believer Ming Min Hui. Yes, my fellow GirlyBubble blogger. While Ming, my boyfriend and I were waiting around for our subway train after she got us lost, I told her to smell my boyfriend because of the cologne. Her and my boyfriend stared at me like I was crazy but after a few more tries, she surprisingly smelled him. Funniest thing I saw all night because honestly who smells other people other than me? Afterwards she admitted that it did smell really good and would buy it for her future boyfriends. Mission complete.

You can buy yours at any of your local Victoria’s Secret in the beauty products section or online. There’s two version, Very Sexy and Very Sexy 2 (or squared), both of which smell excellent but I prefer the first one.

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