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From Flauntme: This interesting milk packaging changes color as it gets closer to the expiration date! More »

The winter holidays are coming up and what’s better to give presents than plushies! Plushies are not only cute and suitable for anyone as a gift, but you can also hug it during the cold winter nights to keep yourself warm. More »

We recently asked you if you would friend, date or marry Drake Bell. The majority of you want to friend Drake! Today‚Äôs Celeb crush is Dave Franco, aka David John “Dave” Franco. Dave is American television and film actor who played the role of Cole Aaronson for season nine of Scrubs. More »

Today’s Plushie of the Day features a Milk and Cookie plushie! I’ve always loved dipping cookies into milk, they somehow taste better, I really don’t know why! I don’t think you can dunk this cookie into this carton of milk though! More »

Remember that popular New Order song from the 80s about coffee, milk and sugar? It went something like this: “Every time I see coffee fallin, I get down on my knees and pray. I’m waiting for that final moment you, say the words that sugar or milk can’t say.” Hsinping’s got a super cute pin set that pays tribute to that epic 80s song. Okay, fine. I lied, there’s no such song. But there is indeed a love triangle that exists between coffee, milk and sugar. It says so on the packaging. More »

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