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I hate to get all cheesy on everyone, but this is something about me that can’t be helped. I am full of cheese. Being full of cheese, my number one Christmas wish is for everyone to have a very Merry Christmas. May you spend this time surrounded by all your loved ones and hopefully you’ve received everything you wanted on your Christmas wish list this year! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays and have a happy New Year! More »

Well, the year is pretty much over and it’s time to say “Hello” to 2009 and “Goodbye” to ‘08. It’s also a time to reflect on the past events of the year. It was a cool year in my opinion, I mean, we’ve elected our first ever “Black” president, Sen. Barack Obama and we all went green in an 11th hour attempt to save our planet. Also this year in La La Land (aka Hollywood), Britney didn’t overdose on her own celebrity. WOOT!

It’s  been a great year for music and fashion…aside from the gossip and train wrecks (Hi Amy!).The two always gone hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that there’s been some really awesome creativity going on and you know wouldn’t be a proper entertainment year-end rundown without mentioning Rihanna, who had her shine in both!

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Quite honestly, I am not a huge Christmas person, probably because I am not a Christian, but I did grow up in an environment that exposed me to Christmas, especially by television. When I was growing up, I watched a lot of cartoons and films, like any “normal” child. Because of this exposure, I discovered that the cartoons and films I shunned as I grew older had somehow affected me on a subconscious level. Several years ago, I went on a nostalgia trip, and I found myself wanting to watch these shows that made up my childhood. Now I try to make it a tradition to watch these every year. More »

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