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36 year old Stacie “Fergie“Ferguson has been chosen to grace cover of the December/January issue of Vegas Magazine.

She talks about spending her New Years in Vegas More »

Never in human history has their been a year without cute. True, it hasn’t always been documented properly (I’m sure someone invented a cute wheel?), but the goal GirlyBubble is trying to achieve with the start of the GirlyBubble Year End Special is to make sure 2009 is remembered as an epic year in which girly, cute, kawaii stuff happened. That said, expect a blog post that pays tribute to 2009 in cute every day leading up to New Years Day . More »

Well the year is already a day old, and like everyone else on the planet, I’ve got some goals that I want to achieve this year. The thing is though, that I’m not really good with keeping these resolutions. LOL They usually fade into oblivion by March. I think that happens because I always have this ambitious laundry list of things that I want to accomplish and in the end, I’m just overwhelmed with how much I “need” to do, and end up either half assing it, or putting it off until never. Yeah, I said until never. Down with Procratination!

More »

We’re finally in the New Year and there are a handful of things I’m looking forward to. I hope this year is better than the last and that I actually keep my resolutions. It’ll be the first year that I actually do so wish me luck! More »

I usually don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I guess I’ll think of some for the coming year. So here’s my list of what I probably won’t end up doing in 2009, but definitely should.

1) Exercise! So, I’ve been a lazy pile for way to loooong. I was a gymnast for 15 years, so I always say that that means I never have to exercise again. Of course, that was 10 years ago, and I can’t even do the splits anymore, which is sad. My other excuse it that I walk alot running around the city and I go up and down the subways stairs and carry heavy stuff alot. These are poor excuses, so I swear this year I’ll get my six pack back! well, we’ll see. More »

Following Lan’s suit, I’ll share my New Year’s Resolution in hopes putting it in writing will make me more inclined to stick to it.

I only have one because I’ve discovered in years past that having multiple new year’s resolutions is a recipe for not getting any of them accomplished since I lack willpower like woah =/

And actually in the spirit of that sentiment, my new year’s resolution is: More »

2009 is coming up and I’m NOT looking forward to it. I realized the other day that I will be turning 20 soon (February). I felt incredibly old and unfulfilled all of a sudden. So I figured it was about time I set some goals for myself for the New Year. More »

Santa appropriately didn’t bring me anything this year since I’ve been naughty and not keeping up with my fab faves on regular schedule =/ But that’s why New Year’s is right around the bend - so we can reform and start anew!

Unfortunately life has been terrifically boring as of late given that the flurry of finals devolved rapidly into a flurry of sleeping in late and pigging out on Christmas cookies. I’m sure many of you school gals can sympathize with my favorite activities of Winter Break:

1) Skiing: Actually this year I chose not to go skiing because I’ve got lots of random things to attend to and so there isn’t really time, but I usually really look forward to getting all my ski gear out and driving up to Vermont, New Hampshire, or upstate New York with my dad. There is nothing like a really crazy new black diamond trail to get the blood pumping and the oxygen filling the lungs. Or create great excuses for fun snow gear (I have a matching hello kitty scarf and hat set, no joke xD). More »

So Christmas is ov-ah! But New Years Eve is oh so soon. And since you already got your party dress, or are grabbing one now with all the after Christmas specials going on, it’s time you find that perfect clutch. The most essential of party accessories is the clutch. Big bags are too cumbersome for dancing the night away, so opt for a fancy lil’ bag, just big enough to fit the essentials: lipgloss, metrocard, atm card, cell phone, and perhaps condoms. Below is a list of my favorite clutches to ring in the New Year in style.

1) Betsey Johnson Leopard Sequin Clutch- $134 at More »

Remember how a few weeks ago I ordered a bunch of stuff online for Black Friday? Everything I ordered has come, things have been returned, etc. and here are two things I learned from the whole thing:

1) I returned a couple of items from New York & Company and American Eagle. The New York & Company items included a pair of pants I wanted to exchange for a larger size, but it turns out that they don’t do exchanges - they just credit you for the item and you go and rebuy it using a code for free shipping (4341 in case any of you want to go and use it now! They’re having a huge sale…)

2) Online shopping is really easy and opens up a lot of options that aren’t available in-store. But I’m pretty picky so half the things that come in the mail end up not being as good or fitting as I imagine, so I end up losing money by sending them back. So it’s a lot of fun (I LOVE getting packages) and I’ll be doing more in the future, but for the sake of my credit card line and the hassle, I’ll stick with my semi-annual outlet spree. Especially once New Year’s ends and the clearances start!

I’m not a big Thanksgiving fan, in fact I can’t remember the last time I celebrated the holiday with my family. However I am a big fan of other holidays and do make the effort to spread the spirit as much as possible.

They only come once a year so might as well make it worthwhile. More »

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