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From Omghaute: After we recently found out that Nicole Richie wil be designing the new collection of Macy, we now get to see the full look book of her creations! More »

From Flauntme: Fashion designer, author, actress, and singer Nicole Richie will be releasing a fragrance named after herself! More »

From Flauntme: Since she managed to make it into the June issue of beauty magazine Glamour, it only makes sense for Nicole Richie to share some of her styling secrets. Who knew that she has super curly hair as is? Not me, but it looks like she kept it all natural in the magazine photoshoot with her big “blowout” ‘do. More »

From Omghaute: Designer and Fashion Star mentor/judge Nicole Richie is one of the first fashionistas that I think of when seeing a headpiece. Rocking them for the longest time, she definitely knows what a good headpiece when she sees one. In fact, she considers them as the best accessory that anyone can wear as well. More »

From Omghaute: Bringing a whirlwind of chic prints to make the forthcoming brisk weather more playful, the new Fall/Winter 2012 look book for Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 is full of items that will really liven up your wardrobe. More »

Nicole Richie’s daughter doesn’t know she is famous. Little Harlow Winter Kate is one of the most famous celebrity babies and she does not even know. Proud mother, Nicole says that she’s in no rush for her little girl to grow up. “She has no idea that she has two lines named after her— I try and let her be a kid,” says Richie. Four-year-old Harlow is the namesake of two of her mother’s fashion collections. More »

From Omghaute: QVC shoppers, be prepared to see stylings by Nicole Richie’s new line hitting up the store soon! Her new line will feature Richie’s own personal fashion taste including “maxi-dresses, flowy printed shirts, kimono jackets and hobo bags”! More »

From Flauntme: We’ve all seen Nicole Richie walk down the red carpet looking perfect (makeup and hair) before, but the star claims that she has no knowledge of how to apply makeup whatsoever! More »

From Flauntme: Not everybody can be perfect, and as much as we think celebrities are, they always fail to disappoint. There’s problems with personalities, bodies, traits, hair, clothes, and a lot more, but for today we’ll focus on one of the key points of a celebrity - makeup. More »

From Flauntme: Well, just check out celebrities like Julianne Hough, Nicole Richie, Fergie, and Selena Gomez to see just exactly what’s “in.” More »

From Flauntme: While we’ve probably seen Nicole Richie in practically every hair look, she was recently spotted with this fresh, short ‘do for the fall. More »

From Flauntme: Nicole Richie just landed a fragrance deal with New York company TPR, and is already set out to launch a new line of her own scent! More »

-Nicole Richie was recently spotted wearing super short denim shorts while picking up her daughter from ballet class.

-This strawberry butter cake looks super cute and yummy! More »

From Flauntme: Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and her endless supply of headbands seem to have crept their way into becoming a fashion statement. See who was spotted working the accessory this season and get some ideas for the headbands that have been lying around for a while. More »

Bohemian brand House of Harlow already has a grasp on footwear, eyewear, and jewelry, so it was only logical that handbags be the next step. Created under the fashionable eye of Nicole Richie, the new handbag collection will consist of 14 pieces, featuring clutches, hobos, and crossbody bags. More »

Nicole Richie pays tribute to the pop princess Britney Spears with this impromptu dance-off after being called by her friend, Scotty. With “I’m A Slave 4 U” as their track of choice, I’ll let you guys choose who the winner is. More »

-Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie shows off quite a unique Lego dress.

-This Sentimental Circus tote bag is just simply too cute! More »

I work from home so I barely ever leave the house much less pamper myself. This past week I’ve been complaining that I’ve lost my beauty mojo in that I’ve become really sloppy with my looks and haven’t been taking care of myself as well as I should have. So while searching around for tips to keep myself looking decent, I found these sexy ponytails.

I love to tie my hair back when working but the usual ponytail isn’t going to cut it for me anymore. Looking at these photos compiled together by TotalBeauty, I was completely enthusiastic about how to do my hair every morning. While it does require an extra step, it is recommended that you act as if you’re getting ready in order to help jump start your day. Taking that advice would really help me out because I’m almost completely let myself go. /Shame.

The ones I picked are the ones I’m truly interested it and will try out. Once I get the hang of it, I’ll share you with you guys. More »

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