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So last night I got to test run my stripper shoes and I also decided I’d switch up my look from wild playful curls to a sleek straight style. What’s even better is I got to test run both at Se7en’s party at Circle with Ningin Fam’s Mia, David, and my home girl Christina, who DJ’s for Soompi Radio Club. I gotta say I’ve got sorta a mixed feeling about my hair and I’m still in love with my shoes. Check it: More »

Well, it’s my turn to play “Get to Know Girlybubble!” and I thought I’d introduce some of my favorite musicians to you ladies and gents. Why musicians? Well, I honestly feel that music is the language of the soul. Many of the artists I listen to do not sing in English, and if they do, it’s rare. Do I understand what they’re saying? Yes and no, but it hasn’t always been that way, and it hasn’t always mattered. I get asked a lot why I listen to the music I do, and I can’t really explain it other than, I like the way it sounds. I feel that music transcends all of te barriers we create to separate ourselves from….ourselves. SO, with that, here are the artists who’ve touched my soul with their sounds. More »

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