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Standing at 5 feet, 1 inches, I have been vertically challenged most of my life. I know the agony of trying to reach for something on a high shelf or shop for a pair of pants that do not go pass my feet. Well, thanks to Adi Marom’s invention, SHORT++, the future looks brighter for us petite folk. More »

In keeping with Tiffany’s and Ms. Tyra’s newfound love of short chick models, I though I would expound on the subject. Since I am only 5′1″ tall and have been made fun of for my “vertical challenged” physique, I am always proud of those shorty’s workin’ it in modeling and in everything. It just so happens that some very famous models are 5′7″ or under! Sure, they might not get as many runway jobs as their 5′10 colleagues, they are just as gorgeous, or shall I say, fierce! So here is my list of all time favorite short fashion models. More »

If you’ve been watching this season’s ANTM, then I’m sure you’ve seen the casting call Tyra has set out for girls 5′7″ and under for Cycle 13. I say it’s about time because while yes, for the most part models are glamazons; there are a lot of petite models out there who can work it just as fiercly. If you think you got what it takes and you’re 5′7″ and under, give it a shot! More »

Sorry, I know I promised a tutorial on how I would do my bangs side swept but I did a different one that I thought was more appealing.

This is for those of you with long layered hair. While your hair is long you can actually make it short in less than 5 minutes without cutting it off. I know it sounds crazy but I picked the tutorial from Johnny Lavoy from Ford Models YouTube channel. It’s really simple and fun.

1. Assuming you’ve washed and dried your hair, separate your short layers from your long layers.

2. Tie them back so they don’t get in the way.

3. Now take the long layers and flip them up into a loop then pin it down with bobby pins. It’s a bit tricky and hard to explain but watch the video and you’ll understand.

4. Now release your short layers and you’re done!

Feel free to style as you like. I would recommend using volumizing mouse on your roots and then teasing to get a bobbed hair look. Wasn’t that easy? I really can’t wait to use it on a night out. More »

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