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From Reelwire: Disney and Pixar romances are some of the cutest movies to watch during a special day like Valentine’s Day, so why not sit back relax and choose one of these movies to watch? More »

Just because you are stuck in the kitchen does not mean you can’t cook in style. So, instead of wearing some ordinary apron, why not put on a Disney-inspired princess apron! More »

Today’s Plushie of the Day features Snow White’s Dwarves Plushies! Although I suck at naming the dwarves themselves because there’s seven of them, the fact that they’re coloured makes it a whole lot easier! More »

-Your fairytale fantasies can come true with the new Marc Jacobs transparent pumps!

-Take a look at these Snow White cookies. More »

Pretty soon it will be a Snow White fever because not one, but two new interpretations of the fairytale will be coming to theaters soon. Lily Collins will be in Mirror, Mirror and Kristen Stewart will be taking part in Snow White and the Huntsman. More »

Today’s GIF of the day puts a more modern twist on a classic fairytale we all know and love, ‘Snow White‘. Nowadays, people that have accounts on social networking sites tend to say the phrase “Haters gonna hate”, meaning that they won’t be put down by offensive words other people say to them. It looks like Snow White has decided to join the club as well! Snow White just got ten times more cooler. More »

From Reelwire: Who knew that someone would twist the “princess” like images of these Disney characters to prove that they’re not all sparkles and sunshine? Read more to see your childhood favorites pierced, tattooed, and rebel-fied. More »

From Reelwire: Started ever since the beginning of 2010, when screenwriter Josh Pate saw an Annie Leibovitz photo of a model dressed as Snow White and thought it would be cool to make fairy tales into a good live-action movie, Snow White isn’t just Snow White anymore. More »

If you are like me, a major fan of Disney movies, this video that I am about to present will blow your simple mind away! Like miles away! More »

From Flauntme: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the most bushiest brows of them all? The answer should be quite clear. More »

From Flauntme: In the latest campaign for hair styling brand, GHD, Katy Perry is featured in a fierce 1920s-inspired take on Snow White. From the hair to even the makeup, it’s pretty amazing and a great option for those still scrambling to find a Halloween costume. More »

There’s just something about seeing our favorite childhood memories that always fills us with joy and excitement. It must be the same for digital painter, Jace Wallace. I just love it when talented artists explore their ranges and do something that nobody would expect, like Disney princesses! Have a look at the rest of the paintings. More »

The Blind Side’s Lily Collins will be playing the titular role for Tarsem Singh’s Snow White (currently untitled) project. She will join cast members Armie Hammer, who will play Prince Charming, and Julia Roberts, who is slated to play the wicked queen-stepmother. The film currently has a release date of June 2012. More »

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