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Yearning for a small dessert that is rich and divine? More »

Soft sugar cookies curled up within swirls of cinnamon layers, baked to perfection, drizzled over with cream cheese frosting…hell, I don’t even like cinnamon but I want one now. More »

We’ve always been told by our parents not to eat anything sugary when we’re sick, but we’re rarely ever told why (which explains why half of us don’t follow these instructions), so here’s an explanation. More »

Nothing screams sweet like blood and sugar– the product of a photographer with an odd sense of humor. Liz Wolfe’s work is bold, playful, and slightly sickening, in an intriguing sort of way. More »

Remember that popular New Order song from the 80s about coffee, milk and sugar? It went something like this: “Every time I see coffee fallin, I get down on my knees and pray. I’m waiting for that final moment you, say the words that sugar or milk can’t say.” Hsinping’s got a super cute pin set that pays tribute to that epic 80s song. Okay, fine. I lied, there’s no such song. But there is indeed a love triangle that exists between coffee, milk and sugar. It says so on the packaging. More »

I often tend to judge humanity in a person based on how they feel about chocolate cake. I have this theory that you aren’t human unless you’ve got a weakness for chocolate cake. Otherwise, I don’t understand you if you don’t like chocolate cake. However, with the chocolate cake shot, I can have my cake and you can drink it too! Or, I can just have both and then it’d be a cake-cake situation. More »

Sweet Dreams, a short animated film by Kristen Lepore is so sweet, you’ll give yourself a toothache watching it. Which isn’t entirely surprising given that she used tons of sugar cones, sugar cubes, cupcakes and well…anything with sugar in it to create the film. Sweet Dreams was awarded this year’s SXSW’s “Special Grand Jury” award. More »

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