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I hate to get all cheesy on everyone, but this is something about me that can’t be helped. I am full of cheese. Being full of cheese, my number one Christmas wish is for everyone to have a very Merry Christmas. May you spend this time surrounded by all your loved ones and hopefully you’ve received everything you wanted on your Christmas wish list this year! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays and have a happy New Year! More »

Some girls want plush toy dolls for Christmas. Some, don’t. Me? I’ll take a life-sized Rirakkuma bear, thanks. (Remember, bigger = better.) What’s pictured is most likely a lowly Japanese teenager slaving away to make ends meet and not an actual life-sized plush doll. However, I think it gives us all a good idea of how huge this life-sized Rirakkuma bear should be. For me, at least. More »

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have men lining up and down the block for me in the pursuit of serenading the ultimate love song to me. Sad, but true. In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve never been serenaded before. The Happy Birthday song doesn’t count. What counts for me is if someone would serenade me with Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” Or you can write me a song yourself, whatever comes first. More »

Ever since a trip to Korea almost two years ago, I’d fallen in love with Korean accessories brand Lovcat. Lovcat has a signature style that’s super feminine and girly in the details — there are hardly any Lovcat wallets that lack the presence of a small heart. As a stickler for details, I am ALL about the Lovcat heart. It’s understated and feminine at the same time. More »

Aside from chocolate and attractive men, puppies are one of my biggest weaknesses in life. My puppy love started when I was a young girl. My family owned a mini poodle that we called Pochacco, named after the Sanrio character of the same name. (Surprise, surprise.) Pochacco eventually ran away from home one day, probably tired of me smothering it to death. More »

As of yesterday, this Christmas wish isn’t the most legitimate for me. While Christmas shopping, I thought I’d actually buy myself a really cute phone charm from a local Japanese pop culture novelty store. Turns out, my new phone is not cute phone charm friendly. I shake my fist at you Samsung Eternity! More »

A New Year’s resolution of mine for 2010 is to write more letters. As in, the physical kind, not the hit “send” kind. This resolution was not only made out of novelty or to revive a dying art but for a more personal reason. More »

If money were no object and if I were invited to enough holiday parties this season, I would want a brown sequined silk wrap 3.1 Phillip Lim dress. Since money is an object and I don’t have enough holiday parties to be attending this season, I’ll settle for sticking this breathtakingly beautiful dress (pictured, $975 USD) on my Christmas wish list. More »

Macarons, not to be confused with macaroons, are hands down, my favorite French pastry ever. They look a lot like colorful mini-hamburgers, but I assure you these traditional pastries taste nothing like hamburger. Because then, that would be kind of disgusting — hamburger flavored pastries? Macarons in a nutshell, are traditional French pastries made out of egg whites, almond powder, powdered sugar and regular sugar with a ganache cream in the middle.Definitely not for you if you’re on a diet. More »

When it comes to headbands, I consider the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary red bow headband (pictured) to be the one that got away. I’m kind of ashamed of myself having to admit that I briefly had it in my possession at this year’s Hello Kitty 3 Apples exhibit. The reason why I turned down such a remarkable hair accessory is because it was $30 USD. At the time, I couldn’t see myself throwing down that money for a Hello Kitty headband. More »

Sure, it’s a lie when people say that the best things in life are for free. What people really mean to say is, the best things in life come in a can. Think about it. Soup, beer, soda…now flowers. Fred Flare’s flowers in a can is on my wish list because aside from being cute, they’d also make for great conversation. In response to what you do for fun, you can say, “Oh yeah, I like to grow canned flowers.” More »

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