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From Flauntme: Today’s Daily Nail Art is this fishtail design by lucysstash. More »

Friendship bracelets are always fun to make, and it shows off how much you love your friends by taking the time to make one taking into consideration what their favorite colors are. Well as the years go by and you get older, sometimes you may feel that they don’t go so well with your new sophisticated style. Don’t worry girls, I’ve got just the thing to revamp your bracelets and work them back in to your jewelry rotation — DIY Style. Spiked Friendship Bracelets! Lets get started! More »

From Flauntme: In today’s video I will be showing you how to create adorable pandas on your nails. It doesn’t matter what size your nails are, anyone can create this adorable faces! More »

In addition to being incredibly easy to make, Sugar Cookies are also versatile enough to be baked in a variety of creative ways. Sugar & Meringue brings to you, Button Cookies. More »

Fabric-covered button pins are cute accessories to bags, or even outfits. While these types of pins tend to only feature single buttons, Fluffington takes a different approach. More »

The next time you treat yourself to a bag of Gummy Bears, save a handful or two if you’re bored. More »

For someone that doesn’t particularly like to eat sugary desserts, I seem to write a lot about them. So let’s switch it up– here’s something savory today: Pasta Pie. It’s not a dessert, but it’s modeled after one! More »

Generally, whenever something looks impressive, it’s usually difficult to make. That’s not always true, as you all know by now judging from the easy tutorials you’ve seen on GirlyBubble. The 7 Flowers pop up card is no exception, don’t worry! More »

So lately, we’ve been showing you how to make paper roses, but those aren’t something you can really wear…so here are some Rose Barrettes from PurlBee you can accessorize your hair with. They’re pretty cute and not that difficult to make– there’s just a tiny bit of more sewing involved, but the picture tutorial is very clear, so no worries. More »

What is almost just as good as Totoro Rice Krispy Treats, if not better? Hello Kitty Rice Krispy Treats! These are perfect treats to bring to a party– they’re simple, fast, and inexpensive to make. More »

The 5 Minute Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake was all over the web awhile back, but not very many people had much luck with it. As curious as I was, I never bothered trying to make one — a microwave can do many things, but I believed that cake just wasn’t one of them. However, long time baker Diane from 2Stews decided to try making the recipe work…and she succeeded. More »

Who struggles with origami? It’s ok, I do. It’s rather a shame since origami roses are so beautiful– and complicated to fold. It confounds me to no end. So here’s an alternate way to make a paper rose without the headache.It’s easy, I promise– you can tell from the material list. More »

These flower fairies from WeeFolkArt are pretty adorable, no? Well you can make your own! Looking at the picture tutorial, it seems really simple. There’s minimal embroidering and you only have to sew a running stitch, nothing fancy. More »

Even the most kitchen-challenged will find that it’s hard to go wrong making Rice Krispy Treats– they’re simple, easy, and fast to make. However, they’re also simple in appearance. So why not turn a common snack into a cute dessert, and mold them into little Totoros instead? More »

Remember those volcano science projects we used to make in school to learn about the eruption process? Well rather than using paper mâché, apparently you can use cupcakes now to achieve similar effects. It might not look like very appetizing, but it certainly makes a creative dessert. More »

Orange-scented chocolate and almond cake lathered in butter lacquer chocolate glaze …mmm. This is perfection. I’m in love. More »

If you want something that looks more challenging (but isn’t) when it comes to jell-o, go beyond layering and make broken glass jell-o. It’s an art form. More »

For those that struggle with origami but have the intense desire to make paper flowers, you’re in luck. Wendy from DoziDesign has provided us with a quick and ridiculously easy tutorial on how to make paper roseswithout having to fold anything. More »

Brown sugared macarons piped with spirals of strawberry jam buttercream and covered with cinnamon and sprinkles, they don’t just taste like jam-filled doughnuts…they taste even better. They’re probably not as bad for you as well. Maybe. More »

I have never heard of garlic knots before, but they look good. According to FoodMayhem, this is possibly the best recipe ever for this type of bread — you may never have to buy any again. More »

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