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So about two nights ago I was up watching Friends re-runs at like 4am, and “TOW Rachel’s Sister” came on. I love whenever Rachel’s “family members” come on the show, because I for one think Rachel didn’t get enough ‘weirdo time’ on the show. To me, she was always the more…normal? one of the show and whenever her family stops by, it just seemed to highlight her quirkiness. But anywho, that’s not the focus of this post. I’m actually bringing this up because in that episode, Rachel’s younger sister Jill (Reese Witherspoon) goes on a forbidden shopping spree and comes back with a pashmina. Ross and Rachel have this great dialog about “What’s a pashmina” when he tries to cover for Jill and since watching that episode, I have a feeling that I want a pashmina for this spring. Am I easily susceptible to subliminal advertising, yes. But in my defense, it’s always for things that  nobody really wants, or for things that aren’t actually being advertised..subliminally or overtly.

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I don’t know if I’ve blogged this yet, as I’m sure I may have; considering the amount of youtube posts I’ve done this past year, but I’m in love with this girl’s handiwork. Her name is Lauren aka Panacea81, she’s from the UK and she’s one of the most loveable, adorable, and talented makeup artists I’ve ever seen on youtube. I was linked to one of her videos by a good friend of mine, and since then I’ve been hooked to her videos. She is AMAZING! Mind you, with practically no formal training in cosmetology, she’s a master at creating the most dynamic and beautiful eye art that can rival the best in the industry.

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I love games so when I heard this song on Youtube by blinktwice4ya, I completely swooned.

The song is about Mario Kart and love (great match imo). If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll find yourself laughing and in awe as he makes various memorable references to the game. It’s a really sweet song that could easily pass for a John Mayor hit. The guitarist even dressed up as what looks like Luigi for the video.

Whoever his girlfriend is, is one lucky girl. More »

Yes! It’s finally Friday. This week felt uber long and mega stressful. If you’re feeling the pain like me, then how about some Youtube vids to make things better. Mmm hmmm, Youtube vids. Whenever I feel like I’m going to lose my mind, I head to youtube and watch (or in mose cases re-watch) some funny videos to take my mind off of reality as I know it. More »

I came across a post on Jezebel (yes I stalk Jezebel, lets move on) anyway, I came across this post about Anorexia groups popping up left and right on Facebook. It didn’t surprise me since these “pro-ana” groups can be found almost everywhere online: Youtube, Myspace, and some even have their own domains. Just as easily as you can find a support group to help you quit smoking or a community for collecting comic books, you can find groups dedicated to eating disorders; and quite frankly it’s disturbing.

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Mally Roncal is the makeup artists to the stars. She’s worked on just about every top celebrity. Some of her clients include Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Paulina Porizkova, Angelina Jolie, Ashlee Simpson, and Pink just to name a few. You’ve probably even seen her on TV dishing out makeup tips on shows like The Tyra Banks Show, Oprah, Fashion Police and Extreme Makeover. Mally really has it going on, and with her help, so can you!

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Yes it’s a hamster on a piano, eating popcorn.

It’s the most adorable Youtube video I’ve ever seen, and trust me I’ve seen quite a few. The song is uber catchy and actually pretty good considering what it’s about. For at least a week after seeing this video, I would constantly sing and hum this song.

My life is complete now that I’ve seen this video. /Sarcasm. More »

Yep, I sure do! Chescaleigh is a Youtuber, who’s absolutely addicting. She sings, acts, knits, does comedy, and gives awesome hair tips for natural chicks. I found her because I was looking for something to do with my hair, and I came across one of her tutorials, and from there I immediately subscribed to her videos. Just give her a gander, and you’ll see why!!

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In case you didn’t know, the easiest and probably cheapest way to revamp your look is to get your eyebrows done. Why? It’s quite simple: your eyebrows are like the Diana Ross of your face. They’re the main show. Think about it; what’s the point of having beautiful makeup if you’re eyebrows look a hot mess? Plus shaping your eyebrows will instantly “open up” your face, giving you a more bright eyed appearance.

First, let me just say, not all eyebrows are shaped the same way. Some are arched and some aren’t. Some are thick, and some are thin. It doesn’t matter which you have, or even prefer, just as long as they’re groomed you’ll look great, with or without makeup.There are several ways you can achieve pretty eyebrows: plucking with tweezers, waxing, and threading. More »

Yeah, so I’ve got a crush. It’s annoying me. Why? Because I keep bumping into him on campus and I always say/do the stupidest things around him and there’s always that awkward silence and then I run away. I’m a dork.

See, I met him last semester, and at that time, I just thought he was a really cool person. That’s all, that’s it. But I guess somehow over the summer he’s become smoldering hot, and I’ve become ultra spaztastic, and now I can’t stop thinking about him!

I even see him in my sleep.(and no, nothing porn related, pervs lol) This is the first time I’ve actually been phased by a guy I like. WHAT THE HELL. Seriously. Normally, I’m all cool, calm and collected, but it’s just something about him that frazzles me. Maybe it’s because he’s the one who’s actually cool, calm and collected. Whateves. Alls I know is I can’t get him out of my head, and I don’t want to.

Has this ever happened to you guys?! What should I do?! I know the next time I see him I’m going to be all “derrrrr NARF!” lol. Oh and I totally told him about GirlyBubble, so why risk the chance of him reading this? I mean Ming already laid out how this could totally kill whatever game I have/had left. And if he does read this then what?! Yeah, um, AWKWARD!? But then again, maybe I want him to know and it’s all a part of my plan? Pfft, who am I kidding, he probably already knows. More »

Let’s see, a short while ago I blogged about some David & Goliath Tees featuring these characters called the “Blah Girls” Well, apparently the guy behind my beloved Blah Girls is none other than Ashton Kutcher!!! Imagine how surprised I was to find this out. But considering all that he’s accomplished in hhis young life, should I have been so shocked? I thought the t-shirts were funny but the videos totally take the cake! XD Great job Ashton and team. LOL More »

How cute is he!? I was browsing around Jezebel when I happened to see this little guy. He was taken by Flickr member bluelunarose, and I think I want one…NOW. Hehe, I wonder if I did actually get one, would Kitty try to eat him…probably not, lazy puff that he is. =S

bluelunarose has a bunch more adorable pics that will definitely make you squeal. LOL and to top it off, here’s one Youtuber tallstevo’s video of a hedgehog in his garden milling about: More »

I’m taking a class called Visual Culture and it’s caused me to think about many things we take for granted about the image-based world we live in. I’ll spare you all the dense philosophical bs (although if you’re into that kind of stuff I would recommend reading Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle), but it got me thinking about the concept of commercials and the point at which they transcend advertising to become their own source of entertainment and cultural influence. It’s actually really tough to make a good commercial - you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle and a brand - and the more you can accomplish in less time in making that impact the better.

So in acknowledgment of the artistry of commercials, here are some that I think are pretty memorable. Of course I can’t remember every great TV commercial I’ve ever seen, but these five in my YouTube favorites because they’re totally worth rewatching every so often. If you don’t want to watch all of them (but trust me, you do), they are vaguely in order from funniest/lighthearted to most serious/intense, so you can pick which to watch based on what you’re in the mood for. More »

If you have naturally kinky, curly, coily, or even wavy hair, then you know how difficult it can be to “control” it. I say “control” because we all know waves and curls look best when they’re chaotic, but it’s a controlled chaos we curly girls strive for. However, with all of the evil alcohol and silicone laced hair products out there, sometimes the price we pay for pretty coils is a heavy one. The damage most mainstream products wreak on our hair is serious and frustrating, especially when you try so hard to treat your fragile curls nicely. Well,ladies, if you’re looking for a product that gives you luscious body, no crunch and is all natural, then let me introduce you to Kinky Curly Custard. It’s the gift of the curly gods and trust me, once you try this stuff, you’ll be hooked!

It’s so fun to use: it has the consistency of snot, or slime…but it smells sooooo delicious. Kinda like warm vanilla cupcakes or some other sugary confection. The first time I used it tho, I got this white sticky residue after my hair dried (alright you pervs, that’s enough), so be careful when you use it that you don’t glob on too much. A little REALLY goes a long way with this stuff. More »

Gifted One is my new audio crush, people. Started in 2007, the group is comprised of dancer/choreographer D-Low , who has choreographed stars such as NANA, and w-inds. TRAK STA, producer extrordinaire and singer/songwriter Ippei Brown.

I would describe their sound as maybe Funky-Soul. Ippei’s vocals are so fresh and crips and over the beats produced by Trak Sta, it sounds LOVELY DAHLINGS! Then to top it off, you’ve got some fly choreography by D-low, and all is well. My favorite songs from them would have to be “Before It’s Too Late”, “Ocean Blue” and “Just A Friend”. What’s even more great in my opinion, is live, they sound just as great, if not better than the recording. Peep this clip of the guys performing “Before It’s Too Late” and “Just A Friend

Awesome right? Yeah, I know.

If you like what you’re hearing, I recommend heading over to their myspace to hear some more of their stuff, and add them =)


Ah, I love to dance. It’s such a fun way to stay in (or in my case, get in) shape that I don’t really notice I’m exercising! I also love youtube. What does youtube and dancing have to do with each other? Well, in this post, EVERYTHING!

If you read my last post, you may have noticed that I listen to a lot of Asian pop music. And well, since I don’t live in Asia, Youtube is usually how I get my dosage of Asian entertainment. My favorite thing to youtube are the dance steps to gasoo’s music vids/performances. It’s so cool, because you’d hardly ever see an American artist allowing “how-to” videos of their choreography to be made for fans. *cough*stingy*cough*

Anyway, so far, I’ve learned Boa’s My Name dance, parts of Se7en’s 열정(Passion) dance, and now, I’m focusing on learning Lee Hyori’s U-Go Girl! WOOT! haha I was sooooo delighted when I saw they finally had UGG uploaded. You have no idea how this song has been stuck in my head. It’s FEEEEIIIIRRRCCCEEE! More »

Who says good makeup has to cost an arm and a leg?! As a self-proclaimed lip gloss addict, I can tell you that makeup in general is one of my favorite things about being a girl. However, I don’t like having to put a tube of lip gloss or an eyeshadow on layaway. That’s why I love NYX Cosmetics. It’s like getting MAC quality make-up for a fraction of the price plus I don’t have to put up with the too-busy-doing-my-own-makeup-to-help-you makeup artists/sales people and those hot ass vanity lights. More »

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